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What's in this kit?

°You are able to buy this basic pro kit at a student price.

°From time to time we will replace products according to trends or new arrivals. 


°Cream Foundation "Honey"

°Cream Foundation 3 "Warm Sand"

°Cream Foundation 3 "Deep Spice"

°Concealer/Foundation Pallet Light 3 Shades

°Concealer/Foundation Pallet Med. 3 Shades

°Cream Blush Pallet Refill 3 Colors

°Cream Contour Pallet Refill 3 Shades

°Glowing kit 6 Shades

°Contouring kit/Sculpt & Contour Palette 6 Refill

°Brow Fix Must have "Clear" 

°Brow Fix Must have "Taupe"

°Brow Fix Must have "Maroon"

°Smudgeproof Eye pencils " Black "

°Smudgeproof Eye pencils  " Brown"

°Cream liner "Magnifico"

°Mascara "Alchemia"

°Nude basic palette Eyeshadow 12 Refill

°Timeless Lip stain "Blossom"

°Timeless Lip stain "Pop Pink"

°Timeless Lip stain "Knockout"

°Timeless Lip stain "Bloom"

°Timeless Lip stain "Brave Red"


°Lip Liner Ultimate "Raspberry"

°Lip Liner Ultimate "Rusty"

°Lip Liner Ultimate "Mandarine"

°Lip Oil Poiten/Gloss


+ Make Up Bag