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Below, you’ll find every clever trick and not-talked-about industry secret that’s made us say, “Ohhhh, so that’s how they do it!” So go ahead—take notes! It’s our party, and we’re always down to share.

“I don’t love eyeshadow because I find that it can age me, but one of my favorite makeup artist tricks is to contour my eyelids. I put a little bronzer in the crease, and it gives my eyes some nice depth.

I look made up, but not makeup-y.”
Lily Aldridge, Model

“I learned everything I know about makeup from artists like Pat McGrath. I now use my fingers to apply lipstick. She never uses the brush—ever. Even applying eye shadow sometimes—she’s literally hands on.”
Karen Elson, Model

“A facialist in London told me to leave any jade tools in a glass of ice water in the fridge, and it will help instantly with depuffing. So anything I use for depuffing—eye masks, mists, certain moisturizers, and my tools—all stay in the fridge.”
Bec Wilson, PR Beauty Director

I think if the skin and the brows always look natural, you can wear as much of the other stuff as you want, because there’s balance in the face. That’s my kind of ethos.”
Katie Jane Hugues, Makeup Artist

“When you use foundation, you have to think about the neck, ears, and face matching—I spend a lot of time prepping the skin so I can just decide correct. I blend out and build up, and then I’ll use setting powder to mattify just the shiny parts.” 

“The secret with makeup is that it has to look three dimensional. I’ll do foundation like burnt toast—lighter towards the center of my face and darker around the perimeter.” 

“If I want an even, more kind of translucent look to my foundation, I take a piece of Kleenex and I just pat it on my face lightly to remove the extra product on my face, and it’s a more breathable look.”



“I tell people how to remove the shadow around the lips with concealer, or to put highlights on the top of your cheeks, to lift them, and on the cupid’s bow above your lips, to make your lips look bigger. All these little tricks, like using a creamy blush, which catches the light so it will look like you have no shadows, like you slept for 20 hours.”

Violette, Makeup Artist




“I once had my make-up done in London by a woman who did Kate Moss, and she only uses shadows—she never uses any line. That's the real secret weapon of the fashion industry and these people who do make-up on beautiful people when they want to look normal, but better than the rest of us. She used seven different types of skin-toney powders and eyeshadows...all those colors that are not colors and look like they could have been pantyhose.”
Sally Singer, Vogue Creative Digital Director

“I use my fingers a lot for foundation and concealer, because the warmth of your hand helps blend it in. I always do it with this pat-pat-pat-pat motion. By putting the moisturizer on and patting the foundation or concealer in, you’re livening up the skin and giving it a mini-lift by increasing circulation; the skin does really glow afterwards.”
Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist

“Normally, it’s some mascara and Colour Riche on my lips and on my cheeks for a glossy sheen. A lot of times, I’ll put the residue on my eyelids, too, if I don’t want to deal with eye shadow. A good lip color will go everywhere. It looks shiny and healthy and pretty and kind of sun-kissed.”
Mila Jovovich, Actor

“I’ve used Eight Hour Cream for years and years. I put it on my cheekbones for a little highlight, and I put it on my eyes, because it keeps your eyebrows in check. Liv Tyler was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s what you do!’ That’s my top tip.”
Rosemary Ferguson, Model

“I use eye cream on my lips, because the skin on your eyes and the skin on your lips are similar. If you wear matte lipsticks you don’t want to use them over a lip balm like Carmex or Chapstick because the texture will change. Eye cream conditions and softens, but it also sinks in.” 

Sir John, Makeup Artist

“I think the thing with nude [lipsticks], if they’re not sheer, is you need to put a lip balm on first and then pat it in with your finger. There is nothing worse than a chalky, dry nude lip.” 
Fara Homidi, Makeup Artist

“I have this tray with all my makeup on it so I can bring it anywhere the light is good. Don’t put your makeup on in the bathroom unless you have a good window—without the right light and a magnifying mirror, you’re going to walk out of the house with streaks.”
Linda Evangelista, Model

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