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495,00 €Prijs
excl. Btw
  • This master class is created by Hade Deneef and reveals the knowledge and new insights on skincare and elevated beauty make-up. 

    Learn the newest and fundamental skills, mix your palette with confidence, master corrective skills and diverse skintones.

    Hade will give you a different perspective and the confidence you need.

    All her techniques are incorporated out the experiences she gained throughout her career, converted into a unique style and way of working.

    As a trained teacher, she stimulates others to develop their talents and  skills in an exceptional way.


    This Day INCLUDES:

    ● Workshop with hands-on approach & demos

    ● Shoot with photographer Chiara Steemans and curated model 

    ● A venue with workstations, a range of our favourite skincare and make-up for use during the class

    ● Lunch and refreshing drinks

    ● Base Camp goodies


    After booking, we will sent out the recommended kit list and all the exclusive info you need.



    9:00 - 9:30 >  Welcome, introduction

    9:30 - 13:00 > Skin prep - corrective skills - diverse skin glows & tones - create catwalk perfect no make up look.

    13:00 > Lunch 

    13:00 - 18:00 > From soft glam to elevated glam - Pictures, feedback & wrap


    All Studio of Skills classes offer an intimate teaching environment of min 4 - 10 students maximum. 


    This offers students one-on-one attention and time for each person to practice their hands-on techniques. Studio of Skills is dedicated to give each and every participant the personal interaction and guidance needed to overcome their individual obstacles and expand their unique creative potential.



    Mua's who...

    - Want to upscale their skills and create outstanding looks, focused on skin and natural elevated beauty

    - Create portfolio images


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